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Book chapters


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The role of valuation practices for risk identification. GRI-rapport 2015:4

Corvellec, Hervé (2015)
New directions for management and organization studies on waste.
GRI-rapport 2015:3

Corvellec, Hervé (2015)
Sustainability objects as performative definitions of sustainability: The case of food waste-based biogas and biofertilizers.
GRI-rapport 2015:1

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GPMS Proceedings 2011 GRI-rapport 2012:6

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The moral responsibility of project selectors.
GRI-rapport 2008:2

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Corvellec, Hervé (2006)
Elements of Narrative Analysis
GRI-rapport 2006:6

Corvellec, Hervé (2006)
Ett bra vindläge - Industrialisering och nyliberal kommersialisering av blåsiga platser
GRI-rapport 2006:3

Corvellec, Hervé (2006)
Etik som teknik och som kritik
GRI-rapport 2006:1

Corvellec, Hervé (2005)
Organizing / Arguing: For Nuclear Power in the Name of the Environment GRI-rapport 2005:10

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The Impossibility of Corporate Ethics. - For a Levinasian Approach to Managerial Ethics.
GRI-rapport 2005:9

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Genus i utbildningen - ett förändringsprojekt på Handelshögskolan vid Göteborgs universitet
GRI-rapport 2001:5

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Metaphors and the Cultural Context of organizing
GRI-rapport 2001:3

Czarniawska, Barbara (2001)
Isolationist automorphism, Relentless Isomorphism, or Merciless idealism. The Cultural Contexts of City Management in Warsaw
GRI-rapport 2001:2

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Talks on Tracks - Debating Urban Infrastructure Projects
GRI-rapport 2000:8

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The uses of narrative in organization research
GRI-rapport 2000:5

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Interviews, narratives and organizations GRI-rapport 1999:8

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Netting the information infrastructure of Stockholm. An idea travels throughout the world GRI-rapport 1999:7

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Translation and Transcription in Development Projects - From Vague Problems to Clear-Cut solutions Through Project Organizing
GRI-rapport 1999:6

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On the locus of justice in the resource allocation of a small city GRI-rapport 1999:5

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On Travelling between the Worlds: City Management as Translation
GRI-rapport 1998:4

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On the Imperative and the Impossibility of Polyphony in Organization Studies
GRI-rapport 1997:2
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Anthropology and Organizational Learning
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