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Sandra Samuelsson


Sandra Samuelsson
031-786 5493

Postadress: Box 603, 40530 Göteborg
Besöksadress: Viktoriagatan 13, plan 3 , 41125 Göteborg

Gothenburg Research Institute, GRI (Mer information)
Box 603
405 30 Göteborg
Fax: 031-786 5619
Besöksadress: Viktoriagatan 13, plan 3 , 411 25 Göteborg

Om Sandra Samuelsson

Research interest
My research interests lay in the societal transformation to meet demands on sustainable development. This is studied from an organizational perspective with a theoretical interest in STS-theories that allow to incorporate social and material aspects when analyzing a phenomenon. My empirical interest is foremost on established industries and infrastructural business areas to study how organizing happen in governed and standardized settings. In my dissertation thesis I studied the design process of an engineered object that illustrates how different interests aim to be inscribed into a new object design. Additionally, the thesis illustrates challenges to add new interests, such as ‘green’ interests onto an established technology.

Ongoing research:

Implementing building-integrated solar electricity: obstacles and opportunities in practice, Aug/19 - Dec/20
The project aims at studying organizing processes in the implementation of solar arrays on real estate, as well as to analyze potential obstacles and opportunities (organizational, technical, legal and natural) and how they are dealt with in practice. Qualitative case-study methods is used to map the involved actors, activities, actions, resources and the situational dependencies in order to carry out comparative analyses of what is done in the implementation work and why. The focus is on studying praxis, i.e. patterns of actions, and how it is influenced by material and institutional contexts. The purpose of the project is both to develop knowledge and practical contributions that can be of use for the involved study-organizations and others engaged in solar array development and implementation. The project is financed by the Swedish Energy Agency.

The role of school education in performing sustainability focused housework practices, Aug/19 – Dec/21
This inter-disciplinary project builds on the aim to explore the role of primary school education in performing sustainability focused housework practices. The project group holds research interests in economics, pedagogy and organization theory. In research it is found that the level of education and routines are important aspects for people to perform sustainability focused practices in the everyday life, however, the establishment of such knowledge and routines is understudied. The study collects data and analyzes students’ experiences, and household effects, when being engaged in sustainability focused housework practices as part of an educational program teaching the housework practices’ importance for the general societal sustainability performance. The project is financed by Formas.


  • Organizing, Sustainability, Engineering work, STS


  • Organizing, Strategy, Sustainability, Leadership

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